Friday, March 8, 2013

Canine Angels

Have you heard of Canine Angels? If not, check out their website.

Saving dogs to serve disabled veterans
Every year, at least 3 million animals are put to death in shelters. And every day, 18 American military heroes take their own lives. These nightmares aren’t going away.
Until they do, Canine Angels’ mission is to rescue dogs from shelters and prepare them to serve disabled veterans and first responders.
Rick Kaplan, our nonprofit’s founder and president, has been training working service dogs for the people with disabilities for more than 20 years. He has trained dogs to assist those with hearing disabilities, seizures and PTSD, as well as stability andmobility issues. Working with his two personal chocolate Labrador service dogs, Fred & Ginger, Rick perfected his unique method of modifying canine behavior to connect with their natural instincts and achieve breakthrough training results in the least possible time. His deep appreciation for veterans and the sacrifices they’ve made for our safety andfreedom led to the founding in 2011 of Canine Angels, nonprofit public-benefit corporation.

Canine Angels’ mission has three primary goals:

  • To rescue dogs that have been discarded by their
    owners and sentenced to overcrowded shelters.
  • To socialize and train the companion animals to serve
    disabled American veterans and first responders to help
    them regain meaningful civilian lives.
  • To educate the public about the Americans With Disabilities
    Act, so that legitimate service dog teams will never encounter the humiliation of being turned away from public venues, where federal law protects their access rights.
Just recently have I become a part of helping with this program...  I first heard of them when they were in my neighbor with a veteran.. I was super happy to see a large number of service dogs in my neighbor hood, which gave me a chance to use my new camera.. I took tons of shoots and ever since I have been evolved with this group. Just recently I foster one of there service dog in training for about a week. It was a BLAST!

I look forward to keeping your guys updated on this group and will be giving you all some wonderful photos of my journey with this group and random photos :D
Just part of the pack that was there!... So well behaved!

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