Let's Be Green

There are plenty of ways Christian teens or adults can go green, because God does state throughout the Bible how important the Earth is to Him we should respect the environment, to please God. So,here are some simple ways I have found to going green and helping to keep God’s creation healthy. Share how you go Green by posting a comment!
1. Donate Your Trash
Did you know that some animals shelters need your old newspapers? How many newspapers have you tossed in the garbage? You can also donate your books, old clothes, toys to places that resells second hand items, like Good Will. Remember your “trash” could be someone else’s treasure.
2. Reuse It
So, maybe you want a new dress? What about finding one at a dress exchange or consignment store? How about those jeans you are tired of wearing? There are tons of second-hand stores that sell quality clothing that has barely been worn. Or try looking for used books and textbooks to not only save money, but also prevent the destruction of forests. There are plenty of items that you can re-use over and over by a variety of people rather than being dumped in landfills.
3. Recycle It
One of the most common things you can do to be environmentally friendly is to recycle. So, when speaking of full landfills, an easy thing you can do is recycle your plastic bottles, aluminum cans, magazines, etc. Check with your local recycling company to get a list of items that can or cannot be recycled.
4. Buy Environmentally Friendly Bibles
Today there are organizations that print their Bibles on recycled material. If you can’t find one of those Bibles, try looking for a used Bible. This helps save some trees and shows that Christians can go environmentally friendly while also being faithful.
5. Get Unplugged
We all like our electronic gadgets, but do you tend to leave them plugged in after they’re fully charged? Try going green by unplugging those electronic devices and turning off the lights when you’re not in a room. Because they still pull power even after they are fully charged.

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