Monday, June 4, 2012

"The Coming Revolution" book review

From the book:
"People need a creed and a cause, and today millions of patriotic Americans are finding their voices"

They say the best indicator of the future is history. How things have been can be a powerful signal of how they will be. But what will be our role in shaping the future for this country?
In The Coming Revolution Dr Richard G. Lee powerfully explains that a new revolution is coming. It may be in the streets of our nation's capital - as we saw in Europe last year - or, better yet, in voting booths across America. Signs from our nation's past and present ring out the truth: a second America revolution is near at hand.
Using this country's rich heritage of liberty and democracy as a roadmap toward where we could be headed, Dr Lee brings thoughtful clarity to the ever-growing probability os such a revolution in America; illuminating the important reminder that the voices of every revolution has been - and always will be - the ordinary everyman.
Discover how you can be a part of this country's social, political, and moral reform and how faith in God serves as the one truth that can provide both individual and national guidance for Americas' next revolution.

My Review:
I can't say that I liked the book, I picked to review this book because I though I would be able to learn and see things from a different stand point. Instead of that I feel that it was only sources and pieces that supported what I already knew of believed. When reading this book I felt that the author never looked at the other side and did not really give an honest protrayeral of the US.

It was very hard to get past the first few chapters, and the whole book was slow and hard to follow. I wish that the author would have not given just plain facts, but showede more examples of them because I think if it was written in the right way, showing both sides the book would have been much better!
I received a copy of this book from Litfuse Publishers as part of their book review program. I was not required to write a positive review; the opinions expressed are my own.

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