Saturday, August 20, 2011


Box turtles are silly creatures. They are all different, each has their own personality just like a person. Some of them are shy and won’t come out of their shell while others are more feisty and easily come out. Just like humans I guess. The turtle I found on the road was an Eastern Box Turtle they are terrestrial, meaning they live on land, not water.

or... on a rock
Okay okay.. So a turtle’s shell is it home… Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. This is why you should not draw on the shell of the turtle, because by doing so you could damage their shell. Turtles requires a healthy shell to survive in their environment. Their shell provides the turtle protection from their predators. They clamp their shell shut, keeping the animal try to hurt them. They clamp their shell shut to keep the predators away from its tender flesh
Did you know, Eastern Box Turtles hibernate in the winter? Normally they hibernate under dead leaves or inside old stumps.

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