Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It is to your advantage to know which items are prohibited, questionable, infringing or potentially illegal. Whether you are buying or selling, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of regulations concerning the nature of the item up for bid. The item you could be bidding on might be perfectly legal in seller’s country but prohibited in yours.

Examples: crossbows, DHEA supplements, swords, animal products.

Other times, the item is legal to own anywhere but there might be some restrictions in ways of sending it across the border.

Examples: perfumes in pressurized containers, cigarette lighters.

Once in a while, you might come across an auction of an item prohibited by eBay authorities. Whether or not such item is legal, is irrelevant. The article should not be listed on eBay at all.

Examples: glow sticks, fireworks, human body parts.

For a comprehensive list of what can, or cannot, be listed on eBay click the eBay “Help” link and enter “prohibited items” in the search box.

To avoid having confiscation of the goods by customs, find out beforehand if they can be shipped without breaking the law. Remember, if the item is confiscated, you are not entitled to a refund.
Never place a bid, or “Buy it now”, without a careful examination of the auction first.

Make sure that you know exactly what it is that you’re bidding on at eBay. This may sound like common sense, but it's amazing how many new eBayers lose themselves in the excitement, they forget to pay attention to the details..

Be aware of any conditions the eBay seller might have placed in the ad. These could include: method of payment, shipping and handling cost, amount of time before item will be mailed out, or any extra costs such as taxes or duties, etc. Also, when it comes to an article of clothing, or shoes, make sure to note the size, color, fabric, finishing, any possible flaws, wear and tear, or damage. This is especially important if the item is “used”, “pre-loved”, or “vintage”.

If there is anything you are not quite sure of, get more information from the eBay seller before you bid. You can do it by clicking “Ask seller a question”, either on the right-hand side or near the bottom of the listing.

The vast majority of sellers encourage potential buyers to ask as many questions as necessary to help them make an educated buying decision.

Since you cannot examine the item in person, you have to rely on the information provided by the seller. After all, once you place a winning bid, you are obligated to complete the transaction.

Ebay Guide to PayPal

Answer: PayPal is the world's most popular "middleman service" for online purchasing.Where moneygrams and wire transfers were the standard in the 20th century, today over 140 million internet users prefer to use PayPal to send money to each other via email. PayPal has become such a convenient and trusted way to transfer money online, 90% of eBay's purchases go through PayPal.

How PayPal Works.

As an online financial transaction broker, PayPal lets people send money to each other's email addresses. At no time will either party see the other's credit card or bank information.

Similar to an escrow service, PayPal acts as the middleman holder of money. Through its policies, practices, and business integrity, PayPal has earned the trust of both parties. With multiple guarantees in place, buyers and sellers entrust PayPal with their credit card and bank information. PayPal keeps that private customer information secret. Then, while "blinded" from the other party's confidential information, strangers safely send money to each other through PayPal and email.

PayPal Requirements 

You need no special technology nor a business license to send/receive money through Paypal. The only requirements are:
  1. a valid email address.
  2. a valid credit card or bank account.

Precisely because it is so easy to use, PayPal is the favorite of millions of amateur sellers and buyers around the world.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lug Bag Review

I seem to be on the constant search for the ultimate unique weekend bag.  To say that I have tried out over a hundred bags would be a gross understatement. There is always something that I have issues with on every bag I have tried to carry, but I still search on.  That is what led me to Lug Bags. I found Lug and knew I had to try out a few of their bags for two reasons.  They have a lot of built in organizational pockets and they are colorful.  Two things I really appreciate in a great bag! 

When I opened my Lug package I was so impressed with the bright colors of the bags and how lightweight they are.  I tend to over pack my bags, especially on weekend trips, so having a bag made of lightweight material is important to me so that it does not get too heavy. 

I was lucky enough to review the Paddle Boat Overnight / Gym Duffel and the Scout Travel Wallet. The Paddle Boat has TONS of room to pack all of the necessities and then some. I love the many pockets on this bag and the unique ventilated compartment for soiled clothing or an extra change of clothes.   Best features of this bag for me are the padded comfortable shoulder strap, the lined compartment for my cell phone and separate zipped compartment for my keys. The built in organization on the outside of this bag is really amazing.  I do find that I need a few smaller bags to organize the main compartment of the bag so a few more pouches and pockets inside would be helpful, but overall I am very pleased with this bag.  

Their Scount Travel wallet is perfect for keeping flight tickets, ID, debit cards, and more. I really like how they designed this wallet. This wallet is part of their new collect, Orange label. They include bags/wallets designed for men.
  1. Mesh Pockets for boarding pass and paper itineries
  2. Mesh Zippered coin pocket
  3. Slim pocket for passports
  4. Pen Holder
  5. Wrist Strap and full zipped closure to kepp your valuables safe
  6. Material Specially treated with water-repellent finsih

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Buy: You can shop for Lug Bags on their website or at your local speciality shop.

I received the products mentioned above from Lug or their PR to help facilitate the writing of an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Make Life Easier With MAM Baby Products!

Mothers are always looking for a brand of baby products that they can trust..and I definitely want to recommend MAM baby products to you as one of the companies you should and can trust! Others have:discerning parents choose to buy a MAM product on more than 40 million occasions around the world every single year! And when they do, they find the perfection they're looking for.
For 30 years, MAM has been providing high-quality baby products to MAM Moms and Dads here in the US. From the Start, Peter Rohrig's concept as to combine outstanding design, optimal functionality and medical know-how t his line of baby products. I received an amazing and great baby products to try, Bottles and teethers!

A great product from MAM is the Anti-Colic Bottle. It is a unique baby bottle designed to reduce the stress associated with newborn feedings and reduce colic symptoms in babies by 80%.

They have so many great features!
  1. they have a vented base for quiet drinking and even flow! The ventilation holes help eliminate bubbles and foaming which can help reduce colic by 80%!
  2. features an extra soft teat for an easy switch between Mom and MAM. The nipple feels so silky-soft and good - that's what makes the MAM Silk Teat® unique!
  3. self sterilizing function! The sterilizing Anti-Colic bottle can be taken apart in 3 easy steps. They can be sterilized in the microwave – quick and easy without a separate sterilizer. Also ideal for on the go!

    If you are looking for an easy to use, easy to clean and a bottle that reduces colic, look no further than the Anti-Colic bottle from MAM!
On another subject....let me tell you how much I AM NOT looking forward to teething, But at least I know I will be able to provide some relief with my new MAM Cooler. I love that it reaches the molars thanks to the unique shape of the water-filled elements for relief for those REALLY painful teeth coming through. I also love that it can be attached with a clip to baby’s clothes to keep teether clean, safe and within reach! It is BPA-free (like all MAM products) so I never worry about what my son is chewing on or absorbing in his mouth!

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* Thank you to MAM for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*
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